Italian Desserts For Valentine’s Weekend

Valentine's Desserts_italian recipes

Living in Italy, I have become a huge fan of Italian desserts. Tiramisu is my absolute favorite and come rain or shine, diet or no diet, I never miss an opportunity to have some. I I think there is an unspoken competition between friends here regarding “who’s tiramisu is better.” Everyone has their own method and everyone believes their method is best!

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February Favorites | Valentine’s Wish List

Valentine's Wish List


Ok, so I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day girl (my brain knows it’s tacky and commercial) however, there is a consumerist part of me that thinks I should treat myself to something nice for international lover’s day. In the end, I probably won’t but perhaps I will purchase something off this list by the end of the month. They are, after-all, my February favorites and we all need a treat once in a while🙂

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The Mediterranean Diet and Losing weight

Mediterranean Pan-Roasted Salmon with Fennel and Tomatoes
When I was looking at my high school and college photos the other day, I realized that I was a good bit chubbier. I would say I was about 10lb heavier and the puppy fat could definitely be seen in my round face🙂 Since coming to Italy, however, I have shed the pounds. This struck me as a little bit incredible considering I was continually on a diet in my late teens and early 20s. I eat a lot more now than I did back then.

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My Beauty Product Favorites

beauty products
One thing is for sure, the older I get the more particular I become about my skin. Long gone are those days of waking up in my makeup, hung over and looking like a cross between Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson! These days, regardless of how many cocktails or one two many glasses of wine I have drank, I try, or attempt to try at taking off all my makeup before I hit the hay. My morning ritual is the same, I primp and preen, pat on some eye cream here and there, spread on some SPF 50 and pat a little bit of filler cream in that crease between my eyebrows. What can I say – mother nature is a bitch🙂

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17 Tips For Stress-free Travel

9d0bbea6772c5a56d9f556b2a4cb345dHaving lived abroad for the most part of my 20s, I have learned a thing or two on the do’s and dont’s when traveling. From forgetting contact lenses and phone adapters to losing suitcases and being robbed while on vacation, It’s safe to say that I have had my fair share of vacation mishaps. So in a bid to save any other poor soul from my past mistakes, I have put together a list of my current holy grail of travel dos. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you also have any tips to pass on.

Lots of Love

Ciaragh ♥♥♥

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What Your Ponytail Says About You!

Nicole Richie_upknot_hairdo

The deeply personal decision that all girls make in the morning – how to style thy sacred ponytale, tells the world how exactly she is feeling that particular day.  From high ponies to half up half downies, our manes tell a multitude of sentiments that even Sigmund Freud would have difficulty finding out. So lets take a look.

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